SEAC Day Connects Timbits Players with their Heroes

Story appears courtesy of Scott Roblin, CHAT Television

More than just a series of drills, Saturday’s SEAC Day at the Hockey Hounds Arena served as a chance to connect Medicine Hat’s minor hockey community.

On Saturday, Timbits hockey players got to learn the ropes from members of the Southeast Athletic Club Tigers, players they look up to on and off the ice.

Caleb Irvine is captain of the Midget 15s team, and said it’s a day they look forward to every year with a chance to teach the next generation of hockey players.

“We love hockey obviously, we're proud to be a member of SEAC,” said Irvine. “Just to come out here with the kids is just unreal.”

This was the third annual SEAC Day, which saw Timbits players rotate through drill stations coached by members of SEAC’s bantam and midget programs.

Kris Schultz said he got to enjoy the morning both as general manager of the Medicine Hat Minor Hockey Association, and as a hockey parent.

“I drove here with my five-year-old and he didn't shut up from Southridge to the [Hockey] Hounds about the names of the players, who was going to be helping him, what they were going to work on, and if they were going to teach him how to celebrate after goals.”

As for his son Lennox, it didn’t take him long to explain his favourite part of the camp.

“Umm... That if you score a goal, you can do a celly.”

While there were plenty of spills on the ice, parents at Hockey Hounds got to watch their sons and daughters learn the basics of skating, shooting, and teamwork.

Meanwhile, Irvine said he was impressed by the crop of 2011 and 2012-born players.

“Some of them are looking pretty good,” he said. “They're young, but a couple of them can move.”

The Tigers hosted 13 teams throughout the morning and afternoon sessions, with the SEAC clubs playing a pair of home games later that day.

The Bantam AAA Tigers outlasted the Calgary AAA Flames 4-2, while the Midget 15s picked up their first victory of the season against the CNHA Canucks.

Through coaching the budding athletes, Irvine said it was a trip down memory lane watching the youngsters hit the ice.

“It takes you back for sure, when you're young and just learning how to play,” said Irvine. “They come out here and see some of us bigger guys who've been playing for a while now. Just great for them, and it's an awesome time for us as well.”

“Someone did it for us at one point in time, and now it's our turn to give back and to help out,” said Schultz. “When you see the kids enjoy themselves, it makes everything worthwhile, really.”

While it’s a day of learning and skill development for the Timbits players, Schultz added it’s just as important for the SEAC skaters.

“In a workplace, or in a family, or in a relationship, anything like that, nothing is ever take, take, take,” he said. “You always have to step back and give a little bit of yourself, and it's important for these kids to understand that.”

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