Letter To SEAC Families

Dear SEAC and MHMHA Parents,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank SEAC players and parents for another exciting season and provide some information on what is planned for this upcoming year.

SEAC has under gone some internal changes with Terry Bartman resigning from his role as president after his 2-year term. We thank Terry for his dedication and leadership. To fill this void, Brent Sauer has accepted the role as SEAC president for the coming hockey season.

The SEAC Board is in the planning phase for the upcoming season and would like to thank those parents and players that offered detailed emails for continuous improvement of the SEAC program. This feedback coupled with the Year End Survey results from 12 parents and 10 players have provided us with further insight.

The SEAC Board will be gathering for their annual retreat to identify & clarify needs and wants for the club during the upcoming season. It is important for the Club to provide value both financially and logistically for all the stakeholders.

One of the stated items is the lack of communication by SEAC; therefore, this communication will be an initial step to improve this area of need.

The bulleted points listed below will hopefully provide insight for all SEAC members as brought forth by recently received emails.

  • When is the SEAC AGM? Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at 7:00 pm in the Sage Room at the Family Leisure Centre.

  • When will coaching announcements be made public? A coach selection committee consists of Board members and Associate members that interview potential candidates and bring forth a recommendation to be approved by the Board. Parent involvement pertaining to coaching and managing of any team is subject to SEAC Board approval.

Each year the coach selection committee has exit meetings with the coaching staff. These meetings commence shortly after the end of the hockey season. From these discussions the Board determines the coaching staff's desire for the future, and the Board's need, if any, for coaching changes for the following season.

The 2018-2019 coaching staffs for SEAC are:

Bantam AAA – Head Coach: Jason Bartram, Assistant Coach: Johnny Stehr additional staff to be announced

Midget 15’s – Head Coach: Chad Baron, Assistant Coaches: Brody Hailwood, Russ Mortlock, Jesse Sieben.

  • Intent of SEAC Survey - this is an opportunity for parents and players to provide information to the Board. This is purely information and in no way is it intended to be a platform for dialogue or discussion. The Board will engage in all deliberation, examination, consideration, and exchange of ideas from gathered information.

  • SEAC Board of Directors - listed on the SEAC website and updated as changes occur. At present the list of Board of Directors is follows:

President – Brent Sauer

Past President – Terry Bartman

Vice President – Lon Bosch

Treasurer – Rob Kinch

Directors – Blaine Shackelton, Todd Herter, Kent Smith

Associate Members – Kris Schultz, Natalie Sauer

  • Are the Board of Directors paid honorariums? No, all Board positions are voluntary.

  • What are the expectations for Coaching Development? SEAC will utilize the following contracted services: Coaches Edge, Alberta Sport Development Centre, and Platinum Star. This season it is a requirement that a representative from the coaching staff to attend these sessions.

  • Goalie Instruction – SEAC will look to increase the level of goaltending instruction for the up coming season.

  • Video Review – this process is extremely time consuming for coaching staff.

They feel the time spent planning; running practices, Games and attending SEAC programs consumes most of their time as well as holding down full time jobs and commitments to their families.

We are pursing options for assistance with video analysis.What will be required is a parent liaison from each team to video selected games to contribute to the process.

  • Financials - will be posted on the website once they have been audited – typically in May - June of each year. The SEAC treasurer is required to have the financial report completed, audited, and online prior to the AGM annually.

  • What has been done to branch out to our outlying communities to draw players into the program and bring them information? All draw zone associations have been invited (4 different times) to our spring camp and twice so far to our fall camp. Our Bantam AAA coaches have been to Taber, Duchess and Brooks this spring/summer and our 15’s staff ‘s have been in contact with some players they are aware of as well within the Zone. Medicine Hat Minor Hockey continues to communicate with Zone players and other Associations.

  • What are the plans for community involvement for teams/coaches? The Board will organize SEAC Day and will now request parent liaisons from each team working in unison with the team manger to organize 1-2 community events throughout the season. These events will not add to the rigor of the player’s commitments (these could replace a practice or existing weekly commitment) but will ensure our players and coaching staff demonstrate community involvement.

  • Fundraising – the Board explored new opportunities for fundraising. The Board has established 3 levels of fundraising:

Level 1: SEAC created - SEAC driven

-Spring Hockey Camp

-Fall hockey conditioning and pre-evaluation camp.

Funds from these two events are retained by SEAC for capital projects and financially supporting team non-budgeted items i.e. playoffs.

Level 2: SEAC created - Parent driven

- Medicine Hat Tigers 50/50

- Program Advertising

- Rink Board or other permanent rink advertising – this was discontinued following the 2016/17 hockey season and following a directive from our City that this was no longer allowed.

- SEAC Game 50/50 was discontinued following the 2016/17 hockey season for a number of reasons and will not be established again. Primary reason was AGLC requirement for complete and thorough documentation which was not occurring, multiple cash deposits required adding to the workload of the Board, monies raised were primarily from the pockets of the parent group, and the time and energy spent for a small monetary return was viewed collectively as sufficient reason to discontinue the same.

-No gate fees for our games.

Level 3: Parent created - Parent driven

Our goal has always been to create a fair and inclusive environment for all involved such that all players, parents, families, and members benefit equally at a cost that was similar for all involved. We have always felt the work needs to be done by the parent groups and should be consistent year over year. With this said, we now recognize there are differences in place from year to year and from parent group to parent group on what time and energy is considered appropriate and what the openness and willingness is to fundraise. Each team will have an opportunity to create a fundraising vehicle that will directly support their team. A parent liaison will represent the team and submit a letter of proposal to be approved by the SEAC Board. Possible fundraisers include hosting a steak night or participating in the Coop cards program.

All individual team fundraising will directly follow that individual team in the reduction of the final cheque families have paid to SEAC. All fundraising is to be completed by mid-December each year and each family on each team will benefit equally on the fundraising regardless of their efforts put forth.

  • What is being done for players moving to Medicine Hat to play for SEAC? SEAC is in the process of recruiting a billet coordinator. The expectation is to have the billet coordinator and educational consultant (Dave Ridgedale) attend both SEAC try-outs and the initial parent meeting to allow parents to connect with these individuals to receive information and guidance.

  • What is being done by SEAC to recruit qualified trainers? This has been an on-going challenge each year; however, SEAC is currently trying to partner with Alberta Sport Development Centre and the Medicine Hat College to build a working relationship to support SEAC with potential trainers. Discussions continue to be held as well as other avenues are being pursued.

  • When will hockey gear and player accessories be ordered? SEAC Hockey Operations have already placed the order. This will be an estimated size amount based on 38 players and past sizing. Extras will be ordered to offset variance in sizing. This will however come at a cost, as this will not be exact numbers and sizes.

  • Team-building activities - it will be a requirement for coaching staff (manager driven) to predetermine 1 activity before Christmas and 1 activity after Christmas in conjunction with SEAC Hockey Operations. These events will not add to the rigor of the player’s commitments and we will replace training sessions. SEAC has budgeted $1000 per team for these events.

  • Role of the team manager - the role of the manager is task oriented in conjunction with the coaching staff. The team manager will also liaise directly with the SEAC Treasurer for any financial related questions or concerns. The team manager should liaise directly with the Board on other matters as required. The role of the manager comes with an honorarium & the duties can be shared to lighten the workload. A support document for team managers has been established to help with their duties.

Thank you for your support with the continual growth of the SEAC program in the 2018-19 season

Brent Sauer

SEAC President & SEAC Board of Directors

Please click here to download a copy of SEAC Bantam Letter.