Message from the SEAC Board

Hello SEAC Parents and SEAC Players (current and future),

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who attended our annual AGM in June 2019 and provided the board with questions for clarification and continuous improvement.

As many of you know the state of hockey in Alberta is mapping a new and uncharted direction with the recent explosion of hockey academy programs in Alberta. This is providing families and players with new opportunities to explore unique programs and we fully understand players and families are making decisions to move to these programs to meet their individual or personal needs. The playing field for minor hockey associations across the province has been impacted to some degree both positively and negatively as a result.

SEAC does want to expand our services and grow but as a board, we know and understand that SEAC is not an academy type program. We are simply an extension of Medicine Hat Minor Hockey that tries to provide resources for athletes in a high-performance setting within our zone.

Sports academies in most cases are for profit organizations combining academics with sport and are only accountable to the board of trustees. They can access a level of resources that most minor hockey associations cannot due to their ability to charge substantial tuition fees. SEAC admittedly might struggle to entice players, so the ability to provide information to potential members will hopefully offer comparable to other programs in the province allowing families to make an informed decision.

As a club, we are excited that parents and players have choice and opportunity to explore beyond the resources of SEAC to meet their individual needs. The SEAC board will always continue to explore the skills and resources that Medicine Hat and area can offer to continue to develop athletes and quality people.

Through this document, for the 2019-2020 season the SEAC board would like to provide an overview for incoming players and families, as well as past members.

For more detailed information please go to or email

Thank you from our SEAC Board of Directors.

We look forward to providing another quality program for our players in the 2019-2020 season


The following pages outline y­­our financial commitment for participating in the SEAC program. Please note:

  • Tournaments and exhibition, playoffs, and provincial expenses will require additional funding from the families, and this will be applied specific to the team or group. (Exception: The Midget 15's attend the Sutter Cup each year and these costs are built into the annual fees for the program.)

1. Fall Tryout

Registration Fees: (All players must register with MHMHA).

These fees are separate from the SEAC fees reflected below.

2. Pre-Season

Fee - (TBD)

The pre-season fee is to be collected from each individual player who has successfully extended his tryout and remains with a SEAC club past the Fall Tryout Camp. This fee will pay for the ice time, referees, travel costs, on-ice instruction, and any administrative costs related to pre-season, etc. The fee may vary between program depending on the length and extent of each team’s pre-season activities.

Each team manager/coaching staff is responsible for raising funds for pre-season costs above what is paid for below.

  • SEAC has not budgeted for travel or food expenses related to any planned pre-season games. Rationale: Team staff may have different ideas on pre-season activity and thus it is difficult to budget annually for the same. i.e. tournament games, multiple pre-season games

  • If a bus is planned for a pre-season game this is an additional expense not budgeted for by SEAC and needs to come from additional parent funds. Historically parents have driven their players to the pre-season games to avoid this additional cost. We have found coaching groups have released players following these games and to avoid any uncomfortable moments it is easier to have players travel individually.

  • Funds should be collected from family's payable by cheque to SEAC if a bus is arranged.

  • SEAC will pay for all referee expenses related to the tryout camp.

  • SEAC will pay for one home exhibition game (ice and referee expenses)

3. Regular Season Fees

All regular season fees including the Player Fee, Sponsorship Fee and Performance Bond as referenced below are due immediately upon your child earning a position on the team following the pre-season evaluations.

Upon making a SEAC team each Family / Player will need to make the following payments immediately:

Player Fees will cover the cost of travel, meals, and hotels for all players and coaching staff plus other related costs associated with running the hockey program including coach honorariums and general expenses.

Midget 15 Program: $4,000 per annum plus $1,000 Sponsorship Fee ($5,000)

Bantam AAA Program: $4,000 per annum plus $250 Sponsorship Fee ($4,250)

Payments are due as follows:

  • Player Fee – $1,000 x 4 installments (Postdated for October 1st, November 1st, December 1st and January 1st).

  • Program Sponsorship Fee – Each player is encouraged to seek sponsorship (in the amount indicated above) to assist in registration costs. We require a separate postdated cheque dated November 1st for the Sponsorship Fee. This cheque will only be cashed if your family is unable to, or chooses not to, raise the required Sponsorship monies equal to, or greater than, what is required.

Performance Bond

The South East Athletic Club receives vital support from the Medicine Hat Tigers 50/50 program, which allows us to relieve the financial commitment for each SEAC individual player. Each family is required to work a number of scheduled shifts at Medicine Hat Tigers home games. A $125 Performance Bond guarantees your commitment to this program and allows us to uphold and respect this strong relationship. This cheque will only be cashed if the family is unable fulfill their commitment to work their designated 50/50 shift or make a suitable arrangement for a replacement worker.

Reimbursement of Player Fees

We understand there are circumstances in our lives that may result in our decision for change. SEAC has determined that any player leaving our program voluntarily will not be entitled to a reimbursement of their fees if this change occurs after December 1st.

If a player is injured for the season in the first few months of the year, a reimbursement will be prorated if the family confirms their child's spot can be provided to another player. After January 1st no refund will apply.


  • There is to be no unsanctioned fundraising & each team manager will be instructed in this manner. The board has agreed to allow fundraising as reflected below to assist with the costs of the program. The board established 3 levels of fundraising:

Level 1: SEAC created - SEAC driven

  • Spring Hockey Camp (cancelled in 2019 due to low enrollment)

  • Fall hockey conditioning and pre-evaluation camp.

Level 2: SEAC created - Parent driven

  • Medicine Hat Tiger 50/50

  • Program Advertising,

  • SEAC Game 50/50 was discontinued following the 2016/17 hockey season. Primary reason was monies raised were primarily from the pockets of the parent group, and the time and energy spent for a small monetary return was viewed collectively as enough reason to discontinue the same.

  • No gate fees for our games.

Level 3: Parent created - Parent driven

This level of fundraising has been aggressively debated over the years and SEAC does want to confirm we have always supported this initiative within certain parameters. Our goal has always been to create a fair and inclusive environment for all involved such that all players, parents, families, and members benefit equally at a cost that was similar for all involved. We always felt the work needs to be done by the parent groups and should be consistent year over year. With this said, we now recognize there are differences in place from year to year and from parent group to parent group on what time and energy is considered appropriate and what the openness and willingness is to fundraise. Each team would have an opportunity to create a fundraising vehicle that would support their individual team.

All fundraising would go to the reduction in the final cheque paid to SEAC.

If teams are interested in pursuing a fundraising opportunity, a written submission to the Board is required. SEAC is not interested in supporting fundraising related to what is considered Gaming activities at this time.

In 2018/19 each team participated in a CO-OP card fundraiser and one of the teams had a steak night.


There are approximately 34 games in a regular season, with half of those being on the road.

Typically, this will entail approximately 3 or 4 overnight trips whereby players will stay preferably 2 to a room.

Transportation, Accommodations, and Meal planning are all to be tasked to the Manager or a delegate of the Manager.

Our SEAC program operates out of the Hockey Hounds Recreation Center located in Crescent Heights at 39 10th Street NE Medicine Hat.

All games and practices will take place at the Hockey Hounds Recreational Center unless otherwise posted. SEAC is a zone team and there may be the occasional "home games" played at other locations in our zone. Please watch the schedule as the same will be posted in an appropriate time in advance on the league website.

On ice Practice

Practices run from September until March of each year.

Off Ice Training

SEAC will be using ASDC for off-ice training this season.


The SEAC program strives to provide hockey players with high performance resources to promote lifelong success with Core Values of the Association encompassing:

INTEGRITY: the association and its volunteers to be honest, fair, consistent and ethical when dealing with members and their families.

TEAMWORK: working together to achieve common goals for the association’s overall success and excellence.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: development and adherence to financial accountability.

RESPECT: create a climate of mutual respect and diversity by recognizing all members’ contributions to the SEAC program.

COMMUNITY: seeking opportunities to unite the community we live in and develop prospects of ethical citizenship.

COMMITMENT: continuous improvement and value hard work and a growth mindset in the pursuit of excellence.


The primary goal of our program from the hockey perspective is to develop our players to excel at the next level of their hockey careers and to give each player all the tools they need to maximize their potential.

All SEAC players will have access to the following:

Power Skating

Gay Dubeau and her staff will be working with the SEAC teams. Gay is a highly regarded and sought out power skating coach and spends most of her summers working with junior and professional players, all looking to improve their skating techniques.

Dryland Training

Dryland training will be held at the Family Leisure Centre and new this year, it will be lead by the FLC Fitness team of qualified instructors.

Goalie Training

Matt Wong will be working with our goalies this season. Matt comes with a very impressive resume as both a player and a coach.

Video Review

This is extremely time demanding for both coaching staffs and they feel the time planning, running practices consumes most of their time not to mention holding down full time jobs and commitment to their families.

However, we recognize the importance of video review and will provide support for the SEAC coaches with their video analysis. We will require a parent liaison from each team to video selected games to contribute to the process. The video following some analysis by a 3rd party will be provided to our coaching staff for review.

Mental Training

SEAC has provided mental training (sport psychologists) speakers in the past and we will continue to look at opportunities to attract guest speakers to help our players grow and develop.


Teams will travel to all out of visiting out of town games via bus with the exception of the exhibition or tournaments.


2 players per room (in some instances depending on team numbers, you will have to put 3 players to a room if you have 1 extra player)


Managers are responsible for arranging meals for all away games. In the past, one or two parents on each team have volunteered to coordinate meals and it will depend on each group of parents but ask for a volunteer.

  • Pre-game meals and post-game meals are expected.

  • The bus driver meals should be covered by each team

  • Nutritional drinks and snacks are to be available to the players on the bus trip to ensure proper hydration and nutrition.

  • Day rate of $50 per player is the guide for managers in budgeting for the players.

  • $10 Breakfast, $15 Lunch, $25 Supper.

  • Players, coaching staff, and team manager meals are paid for by SEAC


Should a player require a host family, additional monthly fees will apply (~ $400 per month) and our SEAC board will try to assist in finding suitable housing. Please seek additional information on this from our SEAC board.


Our academic advisor, Dave Ridgedale will be available for information and guidance as well as help with your son’s transition into the Medicine Hat separate or public-school system.

Dave Ridgedale – 403-581-7412 (cellular)


  • Medical supplies are paid for by SEAC

  • Tape is supplied by SEAC

  • Helmet stickers supplied by SEAC

  • Dryland shirts, shorts, and track suits are supplied by SEAC.

  • Skate sharpening is provided twice a week as a complementary service to the players/coaches. Any outside skate sharpening is to be paid by the parent.

Items not covered:

  • Equipment and hockey sticks are to be purchased by the parents.


The MIC is a Board Committee comprised of 2 Board Directors (may or may not include the president) as well as 2 Associate Members, one parent currently with a player on a SEAC team, as well as one player from a SEAC team.

Examples of when the MIC might be used include:

  • Bullying and Hazing, Financial Issues, Illegal Drugs, Alcohol

  • Behaviours or Actions Unbecoming of any member of SEAC

We refer to the SEAC website for additional information.


  • Player Medical Form – parents must complete the Player Medical Form and submit it to the Team Manager as soon as possible at the beginning of the season.

  • Any injury protocol should be dealt with by the trainer and the coaches/management group with the inclusion of family members depending in the seriousness of the same.


  • The Bantam AAA Hockey Hounds tournament is operated by the Hockey Hounds with involvement from the families of our team.

  • This is the 47th annual tournament the Hockey Hounds have hosted this tournament.

  • Date: November 14-17, 2019

  • For more information please visit

  • IMPORTANT: Parents of the SEAC Bantam AAA team are required to work at the tournament in a variety of positions including score sheet, clock, and penalty box duties. Our Bantam AAA team benefits from the exposure in the tournament without being charged an entrance fee & in addition the Hockey Hounds have always sponsored our program.


  • The Midget 15's AAA Sutter Cup tournament location for 2020 is to be announced.

  • Expenses for this tournament are built into our fee schedule already.

  • Date: TBD - March of each year

  • For more information please visit


  • Teams have the option of attending one additional tournament, but this needs to be discussed early with the SEAC Board for a few reasons:

  • Away or Home games need to be rescheduled. Ice has to be cancelled and buses need to be rescheduled.

  • SEAC wants to be positive the majority of player and families want to engage in the extra expense of the tournament. SEAC has had numerous conversations from families over the years. Some families are comfortable with the added expenses and eager to attend additional tournaments while some families are not. If the majority isn’t comfortable with the added cost the tournament will not be supported.

  • Expenses related to an optional tournament are not built into our SEAC budget and must come from parents/families.

  • Expenses range from $10,000 to $15,000.

  • Entries fees are typically $2,000 to $2,500

  • lodging for players and coaching group make up the balance.


  • Working the Medicine Hat Tigers 50/50 by both teams occurs for all Tiger home games including playoffs. Shifts will be assigned equally to families given that this is directly related to a team financial commitment.

  • Each team is required to delegate a parent liaison on your team as the 50/50 Coordinator. This will allow that parent to do the scheduling and be the liaison between your team and the Medicine Hat Tigers Coordinator. ** The Tigers Coordinator will provide all the requirements for each shift to be distributed to families.


  • SEAC has allocated $1500 per team for team building activities in a season.

Brent Sauer

SEAC President & SEAC Board of Directors

Please click here to download a copy of the 2019-20 SEAC Program.