2019-2020 SEAC Awards


All of SEAC is proud of each of these players accomplishments on and off the ice this past season.

Regrettably, with the cancellation of the 2020 SEAC Banquet, all of SEAC is unable to personally congratulate each of these players for their efforts in making the 2019/2020 SEAC season successful on and off the ice in the appropriate forum and manner that our banquet provided to past award winners with SEAC



We are proud to announce that the Top Defenceman & Team MVP for the 2019-20 season is Josh Van Mulligen.

While priding himself on being a stay at home defenceman, Josh saw his offensive numbers skyrocket.

After posting just one goal in his rookie campaign, he followed it up this season by leading the all AMBHL defenseman in goals with 13.

Adding to his individual accolades, Josh also experienced quite a bit of team success.

Serving as the team’s captain, the AAA’s clawed their way into the second round of the playoffs for the second consecutive year with Josh notching an impressive 2 goals and 3 assists over their 5 playoff games. We wish Josh nothing but the best in his future hockey endeavours.


The Top Forward for the 2019-20 SEAC bantam AAA Tigers is Elias Eisenbarth.

This season Elias was able to exemplify what it truly means to be a top forward in the AMBHL.

He was a mature two-way center man that could be counted on to both produce offensively and defend against the premier players in the league. Adding to his resume the assistant captain also finished tied for the lead in the forward scoring race and scored all three overtime/ shootout game winners this season.

Elias was depended on heavily for his gritty play and lead by example mentality. It was an honour and a pleasure to coach such a resilient young man that was able to overcome any challenge that the coaching staff gave him, including starting the year as a defenseman.

We as a staff wish Elias nothing but luck and success in his future of life and hockey.


We are very pleased to announce that the Most Dedicated player for the 2019-20 season is Cole Unger.

While serving as one of the team’s alternate captains, Cole exemplified what it means to love something. Weather we were bag skating or playing games, Cole was always giving it everything he had.

When the coaching staff made decisions to cancel practice in order to let the team recover from the weekend. One of us would always get a text from Cole asking if the Ice was still available.

His hard work payed off as the defenseman exploded onto the AAA seen scoring 3 goals and adding an impressive 13 assists, This was even more evident in the playoffs when the AAA’s saw a defenseman go down in game 1 of their opening round series. Cole was asked to log huge minutes in order to help stabilize their backend.

Due in large part to his tireless work ethic Cole made the transition seamlessly and was a huge factor in the AAA’s getting into the second round. We are very excited to follow Cole’s career in the coming years. Good luck Cole!



This award is going to the defenseman who competed consistently every day in practice and games. This player had the largest impact on the defensive aspect of the game and his focus and priority was always on defending our net with his best efforts.

The player chosen for this award was not only solid defensively but also contributed on the offensive side of the game as well. His priorities were always on defending but his skillset and vision allowed his to seamlessly transition into offense when the opportunities were available. His ability to calm things down with the puck, the composure he showed under pressure and the vision he has to find seemingly non-existent passing lanes helped him and his teammates find success.

A quiet, composed, unselfish player who got better every time he stepped on the ice while working at the things he needed to improve to become an outstanding defender for us. He took pride in preventing goals as well as moving the puck up and out as quickly as possible. Always willing to get in front to block a shot, be first to the puck and take a hit, battle any size opponent to earn possession and show the determination to get pucks out, this player also lead our defensemen in points and assists.

This year’s best defenseman is Ethan Kinch.


A player who was reliable in all situations. A player who was leaned upon heavily and whose consistent play all over the ice made him the Top Forward for our team this season.

The player receiving this award was all of this and more for our team this season and we were very fortunate to have him, both for on the ice and in the room. He never had a bad game and always gave everything he had no matter the opponent, the score, the time on the clock or how he was feeling physically. He showed up with the same great attitude that inspires his teammates and coaches to be better and he lead by example as all great leaders do. An amazingly focused and coachable young man who played a major role in all our successes this season.

He was always prepared to work his hardest whatever role was asked of him and he gave his all to help his team succeed. He’s a great skater with a good shot and hands who was always first to the puck, played unselfishly, supported his teammates in every way, and took pride in everything he did. His attitude toward the game showed everyone else just what it takes to compete at a consistently high level while enjoying the process.

He lead the team in assists and points all while only amassing 10 penalty minutes which proves just how unselfish he is. He’s the definition of being a good teammate, a true leader in every sense, and a highly skilled and motivated young man with tremendous work ethic, this year’s Top forward Award goes to Josh Drefs


The player judged to be most valuable to his team and had the largest impact to team success through unwavering efforts.

This season we had a few candidates for this award. We ended up deciding that there was 2 players who deserved it most. These 2 were a huge part of any successes we had on the ice this season.

Through their work ethic and desire to compete at the highest level, they made everyone else want to work a little harder and sacrifice a little more to help us succeed.

These 2 never gave less than their absolute best every time they stepped on the ice whether game or practice. They both were focused on being their best no matter the situation or the opponent. They

never quit on their teammates despite the score or what was happening throughout the game.

They helped build the foundation for us to compete against the top teams in the league and gave us the confidence to understand we could compete with anyone. We became a better team because we knew we could rely on either one of these 2 no matter who we were playing.

When our team wasn’t at our best, these 2 consistently kept us in games we sometimes had no business being in and even helped some coaches practice their breakaway moves!

Together, they both deserve to be called the Most Valuable players for the 2019-20 season – Kaiden Morin and Landon Porteous


A player with a strong desire to compete, goes above and beyond to excel through hard work, perseverance and commitment to the game.

We were lucky to have a few players that met the criteria and could receive this award. The player we decided deserved the honour the most was one that really provided the most impact to our success and who we missed most when injured.

This player was committed to being his best and his work ethic was inspirational to his teammates. His effort and style of play never changed no matter the injuries, the fatigue or the opponent. He was always willing to be first to every puck and never shied away from the physical aspect of the game. We knew if we wanted to get the team going this was the player whose efforts and work ethic would show them the right way. It’s hard to remember him even having a bad shift let alone a bad. He was consistently at his best with coaches, and his teammates coming to rely on him to get our forecheck established whenever we needed it. He used his size, strength and body position to win the crucial puck battles along the boards and in the corners while striking fear into opponents of all sizes. He was another player who never seemed to panic and never let his emotions get the best of him.

Many times over the course of the season he was able to maintain his composure when it seemed he had become a target for the opposition to try and get off his game. A quiet, coachable, calm, and composed player with an outstanding work ethic who made anyone he played with better. This year’s Riley Martin Award winner is Daniel Ganert.


This award goes to a player who rarely gets recognition and plays in relative obscurity, however, developed into a reliable team player that could be used in any situation. Most of the time his contribution to the team went unnoticed. This player always put the team first on and off the ice and stood out among his peers as a positive influence.

I left this one for last this year for a reason. This award means a lot as it shows dedication to others interests as well as your own. It shows commitment to your coaches and your teammates in addition to being committed to self-improvement. It shows that you respect the dedication and commitment everyone has to have for a successful season. It shows real leadership especially when they’re all the same age. It’s not an easy role to fill.

The player getting this award was considered and could be given 4 out the 5 awards presented. A true leader right from the start who was driven to making it a great season for everyone. There’s never been any doubt about his focus and commitment to the good of the team both on and off the ice. His intentions have always been genuine and he is a player who’s mature beyond his years. That maturity shows in how he conducts himself in everything he does, no matter who is watching, which is the most impressive for a young man his age. He’s not only a highly skilled athlete but also a wonderful human being who is both confident yet humble. He’s always willing to do whatever he can to motivate people, inspire positivity, and try to make his teammates better players as well as better people.

His commitment to the team this season was nothing short of phenomenal and we relied heavily on him to be a voice in the room, on the bus, at team functions, and whenever we weren’t around. He was always positive when rallying his teammates and he made each one of them better through his athletic talents, his drive, his support, and his personality.

A very coachable, intelligent, polite, driven, talented, unselfish, highly skilled athlete who inspired by just being himself and leading by example. He played through various injuries and never showed his pain or played any differently. His work ethic and attitude were unmatched this season and if we would’ve had 19 players with the same dedication we would’ve won the league. He always put the team first and we never had any doubts he was the leader we needed. In my 9 years of coaching, I can honestly say this player has best fulfilled the role of CAPTAIN! Most dedicated Award for 2019-20 - Matthew MacPherson.