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Conversation on Loss, Suicide & Self Harm

We are seeing an increase in mental health difficulties in community youth, including self harming behaviours, suicidal ideation, suicide attempts and the knowledge that confirmed youth suicides have taken place in our community. In collaboration with all local school jurisdictions and several of our mental health community partners, a decision was made to hold a Special Community Meeting for parents and community members.

This meeting is being held with short notice as there is an urgent need to connect with families about mental health concerns facing the youth in our community. This event is being held In partnership with Brandon Niwa Legacy Fund – The Beej Project

Conversation on Loss, Suicide & Self Harm, Thursday April 27

Medicine Hat College, Eresman Theatre 7 – 8:30 p.m.

This is an in person event, but for those who are unable to attend it will be live streamed through Microsoft teams. The session will be recorded and shared.

Click to join virtually - You will need to access Microsoft teams in order to participate in this meeting virtually.

The meeting has multiple purposes:

  1. To seek information from the most valuable community partners that we have – our parents. We know parents are feeling hyper-vigilant as it relates to the aftermath of an additional suicide death of a student who attended Crescent Heights High School. We will share tools to help you talk with your kids about loss, suicide and self harm.

  2. To share information with parents about the mental health of youth in our community. We connected with experts in the field of trauma response to access valuable information about coping skills and how to access community support.

  3. We believe that sharing information and encouraging helpful dialogue between ourselves will help us to plan ahead and support our community. This community meeting is a testimony to the commitment of parents, schools and community leaders doing the right things for our children.

We need your help! We are seeking information from the most valuable community partners we have, our parents. This will help us to assess where we are at and help us to plan ahead and support our kids in the best way. Please help us to answer these questions in a short survey prior to the event.

  • What are you seeing and hearing from your child and/or their peer group?

  • What are you noticing in yourselves (as parents)?

  • What are you worried about?

  • What do you need for your child(ren)?

  • What do you need for yourself as a caregiver?

Caregivers will have an opportunity to ask questions in person and online. (Online attendees are welcome to ask questions using the chat function in Microsoft teams.)

Can kids attend? The content is designed to be a conversation for caregivers who are adults. You can determine based on the age and maturity of your child if you think it would be appropriate for them to attend. If you are unsure, the session will be recorded (the link will be available on this page) you can choose to share it with your child once you determine if the content is appropriate.

Microsoft teams meeting – Click to Join

You will need to access Microsoft teams in order to participate in this meeting virtually.

  • When attendees join, they will access the session from the beginning (not the current “live” activity). This will ensure everyone receives all context and information even if they attend late.

  • Recording of the session will be available after the event.

  • Q & A can be submitted anonymously and will be moderated.

  • Attendees will not have access to their own camera or audio – they are simply watching the stream.

If you have any questions about this event please contact


The SEAC program strives to provide hockey players with high performance resources to promote lifelong success with Core Values of the Association encompassing:

INTEGRITY: the association and its volunteers to be honest, fair, consistent and ethical when dealing with members and their families.

TEAMWORK: working together to achieve common goals for the association’s overall success and excellence.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: development and adherence to financial accountability.

RESPECT: create a climate of mutual respect and diversity by recognizing all members contributions to the SEAC program.

COMMUNITY: seeking opportunities to unite the community we live in and develop prospects of ethical citizenship.

COMMITMENT: continuous improvement and value hard work and a growth mindset in the pursuit of excellence.


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