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SEAC Tigers - Alumni Update

The SEAC Tigers would like to congradulate the following members of SEAC U15 AAA team who recently took part in the Alberta Cup.

Hudson Gainer

Colby Gulliver

Josiah Jackson

Cash Olson


The SEAC Tigers would also like to congradulate the SAHA U18 team on their Mac's Tournament Championship. The SAHA U18 included seven for SEAC Tigers.

Dayden Collier

Elias Eisenbarth

Sam Hynes

Matthew MacPherson

Josh Van Mulligen Shane Smith Cole Unger


The SEAC program strives to provide hockey players with high performance resources to promote lifelong success with Core Values of the Association encompassing:

INTEGRITY: the association and its volunteers to be honest, fair, consistent and ethical when dealing with members and their families.

TEAMWORK: working together to achieve common goals for the association’s overall success and excellence.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: development and adherence to financial accountability.

RESPECT: create a climate of mutual respect and diversity by recognizing all members contributions to the SEAC program.

COMMUNITY: seeking opportunities to unite the community we live in and develop prospects of ethical citizenship.

COMMITMENT: continuous improvement and value hard work and a growth mindset in the pursuit of excellence.

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