U15 AA Tryout Information - Update - 23/09/2020

The SEAC team would like to welcome everyone to the 2020-2021 U15 AA Tryout evaluations.

Please be mindful of the City of Medicine Hat/ Alberta Health Services guidelines regarding facilities.

- No participant or parent/guardian shall access any other part of the building aside from the hallway, and marked seating area. Anyone found outside these area will be asked to leave the building.

- Face coverings are not mandatory, but recommended in common areas.

- There shall be no congregation of people in the hallways or common areas at any time to visit or watch the ice session. Parents must watch from the marked or designated seating areas.

- Access to the building is restricted to 20 - 30 minutes prior to your ice session. If you arrive earlier than the allocated time, you can be asked to leave and wait outside.

- All players, upon arrival, must enter their designated dressing room and stay inside the room until their ice session begins.

- All participants must vacate the dressing rooms and building immediately following their ice session.

- There is absolutely no showering.

- There is to be absolutely no spitting on floors, in garbage cans, benches etc.

We understand that these are different situations than we are normally used to, if we all work together we can make this happen. Everyone's goal is to keep the kids playing!

The SEAC program strives to provide hockey players with high performance resources to promote lifelong success with Core Values of the Association encompassing:

INTEGRITY: the association and its volunteers to be honest, fair, consistent and ethical when dealing with members and their families.

TEAMWORK: working together to achieve common goals for the association’s overall success and excellence.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: development and adherence to financial accountability.

RESPECT: create a climate of mutual respect and diversity by recognizing all members contributions to the SEAC program.

COMMUNITY: seeking opportunities to unite the community we live in and develop prospects of ethical citizenship.

COMMITMENT: continuous improvement and value hard work and a growth mindset in the pursuit of excellence.

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